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ATEC fabricates welding beds, removable bollards, pipe bollards, welding lead reels, mud tanks, drill pipe racks, piping for mud plants, pipe for mud tanks, and also provide field services for drilling rigs.

We ship our removable bollards throughout the continental United States. Our welding beds are built with your choice of options. We believe in producing the highest quality products at a competitive price, and also strive to give our customers accurate lead times. Our products are tailored to your specifications to suit your demand! Accomplished Certified Welding procedures include: pipe, stainless and T-one steel. Visit us on Facebook!

Berm Stairways

Pipe Bollards

Drilling Mud Plant
mud tank piping 3Mud Tanks

Mud Tank Piping

Drilling Mud Mixing Pit

Mud Tank Piping

Mud Tanks

Mud Tank

mud plant piping

Mud Plant Piping

Radar Site Stairway

Removable Bollards

Removable Bollards

at Iwo Jima

Oilfield Services
Drill Pipe Rack

 Dodge Welding Bed

Pipe Bollards Drilling Mud Plant

Reviews and Testimonials

Removable bollards and removable pipe bollards for your facility.
Manufactured by: ATEC Diversified LLC
Model: 102
Product ID: 102
$485.00 New

 Dodge Welding Bed

ATEC Diversified fabricates welding beds and custom truck beds
Manufactured by: ATEC Diversified LLC
Model: Welding Bed
$6495.00 No Paint New
Welding BedsWelding Beds