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We have shipped removable bollards systems, traffic bollards, and parking bollards systems from NC. To CA.

Whatever you may call them, removable bollards systems, parking bollards, pipe bollards, security bollards, or bumper posts we have a wide selection for you to choose from. Removable bollards systems can be an ideal solution or addition for vehicle barriers and traffic control. Traffic bollards systems definitely have their place. Have you ever had a problem with your parking spot? Well, parking bollards or bumper posts may be the solution to your issue. Click here for our selection of pipe bollards.

ATEC removable bollards systems, and pipe bollards provide security and protection and are easily removed to provide access when necessary.

Our steel removable bollards systems are constructed from industry standard schedule forty pipe, we do not promote light weight traffic bollards. Light weight removable bollards are not security bollards!

Our steel security bollards systems are available in pipe sizes from three and one half, to 8 five eights inches in diameter.

The lid assemblies for our removable bollards systems are available in stainless steel, galvanized, powder coat, and industrial enamel.

To reduce trip hazards we offer you hinged locking lids that are flush mounted.

For your convenience handles are standard on removable bollards above three and one half inch diameter.

Our removable pipe bollards are painted safety yellow, custom colors available per your request.

Installation of ATEC traffic bollards systems behind closed doors may reduce theft in your facility. Security bollards may provide additional protection and security for doorways, docks, LP tanks, gates, parking, and security entrances or gates.

We have designed our removable bollards systems to be simple and user friendly. New designs and features coming soon!

To provide adequate security we advise using our removable bollards systems in pairs.

We also suggest the use of a bollard rack, for organization and storage.

ATEC removable bollards systems are currently being used in military installations, parks, shopping malls, schools, etc.

Contact us today for a price on our bollards systems!

Removable Bollards Systems