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ATEC Removable Bollard Product Information. This product information pertains to standardized removable, embedded, and plate mounted bollards fabricated by ATEC. Model 102 removable traffic bollards have a hinged lid for a padlock. The standard insert length (below grade) is 12”, and the standard above grade length 36”. We can fabricate bollards to your specified length, and handles are standard on removable bollards above three and one half inch diameter. Our standard color is safety yellow.

Wall Thickness: Standard bollards are Sch. 40 and inserts or sleeves are Sch.40-80. Safety Concern for personnel: * This is not a complete or concise list for all business, industries, & personnel. Safety concerns for personnel include metal safety shoe coverings for the toe and the top of the foot, back braces, and keeping the hinged lid closed except during placement, or extraction of the bollard.The total weight of the bollard varies on the diameter therefore, the safety person at your company should review these considerations before purchase. It could also be beneficial to a company to have two persons extract and place bollards. We also recommend the use of a bollard rack. We would suggest that you speak with the designated safety person for your business before purchasing removable bollards. Crash Test: We have not conducted a laboratory crash test. Removable or stationary bollards are designed and mfg. As a deterrent and safety precaution, not a product which is intended to be life threatening, or create physical harm. Installation: There are two options for the installation process for removable bollards. 1) Installation by core drilling into existing concrete. When using the core drill method use a core drill considerably larger than the bollard insert. 2) The installation of a new footing. When using a new footing set the inserts in place prior to pouring concrete. Maintenance for Removable Bollards: Generally removable bollards are low maintenance and if the bollard is used at least once per month you likely will encounter few problems. Removable bollards left unattended for months at a time can or will seize in place with dirt, rocks, etc. Each installation has varying drainage scenarios , dig your hole at least 6” deeper than the insert and place gravel in the bottom to facilitate drainage. Delegate a person for checking the removable bollards at least once a month. Lubricate the lock and hinged caps or lids as needed, and make sure the bollard has free movement. Remove and check for issues! Clean debris from insert with a shop vac. Removable bollards systems should be re-painted every 3-12 months, depending on weather, etc.